Professional Tax return in France for Small business: obligation and filing deadline

What is a tax return: Required tax forms to be filled out

The tax return is a set of records that the company must prepare at the close of its annual financial statements and send to the authorities in order to calculate its tax liability. The taxable profit is calculated on the basis of the data in the tax return.
It is composed of the company’s profit and loss statement and the appended tables:
– Balance sheet
– Income statement
– Asset depreciation table
– Depreciation schedule
– Provisions
– Statement of debts and liabilities
– Tax result losses, allocation of income
– Net realized capital gains and losses
– The added value generated during the year
– Composition of share capital, details of investments in subsidiaries
Which companies have to fill out a tax return?
The tax return is part of the compulsory accounting documents for all companies subject to a real tax system (income tax or corporation tax) : SASU, SAS, SARL , EURL, BIC, BNC, EIRL, SCI Micro entrepreneurs are not obliged to fill tax return (liasse fiscale) The forms and information to be included in the tax return may nevertheless vary according to the company’s turnover.
The deadline for filing the tax bundle in 2021
The tax package must be sent to the administration once a year, after the closing of the company’s accounts, before 5 May 2021.

How to transmit the tax return to the tax authorities: chartered accountant role

Companies are obliged to tele-transmit their tax return. It is recommended that you delegate the production and electronic transmission of the tax package to your chartered accountant, since it is a complex task to produce these documents and to transcribe their elements on the appropriate forms. It is important not to make accounting or data reporting errors. Please note that the penalties can go up to an increase of up to 80% in addition to late payment interest.
If you are an entrepreneur, a manager of SASU, SAS, SARL , EURL or EIRL, you are not assisted by a chartered accountant and you wish to adjust your accounting and file your tax return on time, our firm is committed to meeting your expectations.
Entrusting us with your accounting will allow you to :
– To obtain a follow-up and a regular and reliable rendering of your accounting data.
– To respect the legal deadlines and thus avoid penalties.
– To save time, allowing you to develop your activity
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